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The untold story of the DADT repeal

It was December of 2010, and Congress was in a protracted battle over a host of issues, including an extension of expiring tax cuts, the Defense Authorization bill which included a contentious repeal of the so-called Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) policy, and the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. Senator Susan Collins, who I worked […]

Back From The Dead: Taxing Investors


Last year, Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins became key to blocking a massive Democratic tax hike on private equity and investment partnerships, a hike that would have brought tax rates on “carried interest” up from 15% to 35% and then again to 38% just a few short years later. After three separate votes, Snowe and […]

Michaud’s Ineffectiveness on Display Once Again


Looking back at my time with the 2010 Levesque for Congress campaign, I have wondered whether we should have supplemented our criticism of Congressman Michaud’s voting record with drawing attention to his competence as a legislator—or lack thereof. The Congressman never misses a ribbon cutting photo-op back in Maine, yet cannot seem to pass any […]

EPA Continues to Muddy the Waters on Biomass

As Matt Gagnon wrote a few months ago, the EPA recently issued a series of “tailoring rules” that put one of Maine’s most promising and rapidly expanding industries at risk, for no ostensible reason.  Woody biomass, or energy created by burning waste wood, is widely recognized as a viable and carbon-neutral alternative to fossil fuels.  […]

What Early Voting Showed Us

In 2008, Maine was as deep blue as it could possibly be.  Aside from the victory of Susan Collins over Tom Allen, Republicans had virtually nothing to cheer about.  Maine voters chose President Barack Obama by a crushing margin, Democrats cruised to election in both congressional elections, and they made significant gains in the Maine […]

EPA Puts Maine’s Biomass Industry On Notice

Congress may have ended their session before they were able to pass job-killing energy regulations, but the EPA is taking up the slack, gearing up to begin enforcing it’s “tailoring rule” starting in January, the EPA will begin issuing “permits” designed to “allow” carbon emitters like power plants. In return for receiving this gift from […]

Snowe and Collins Continue to Fight “Carried Interest” Tax Hike

A few weeks ago I wrote how important Senators Snowe and Collins were to the success or failure of the “carried interest” tax hike bill.  Now Maine Watchdog has picked up the issue with their own story. “Mike Burgmaier, a former Maine-based venture capitalist, said the potential changes could have “pretty significant and negative impacts […]