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Chaos at Maine Today Media


The largest and most influential media empire in the state of Maine, Maine Today Media, was rocked yesterday by the “resignation” of CEO Richard Connor, who has been at the helm for roughly three years. Maine Today owns The Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram, the Kennebec Journal, the Morning Sentinel and the Coastal Journal. In […]

Hey Portland Press Herald, Are you Going To Label Your Own Poll As “Over-sampling Republicans”?

From the “so comically hypocritical we can hardly believe it” files, we would like to submit to you the latest Critical Insights poll. Oh, there’s nothing particularly worrisome about this particular poll itself.  Indeed, this one looks a great deal more reliable in methodology (a much larger sample, for example) than its predecessor two weeks […]

Cutler Lodges Ethics Complaint Against Website

Cutler Files began posting all sorts of information about Eliot Cutler about a month ago.  The site leveled charges about Cutler’s involvement with Thornburg Mortgage, his work in China, and residency issues.  Earlier this month, Cutler’s campaign manager Ted O’Meara called the Cutler Files’ creators gutless cowards and called the content of their site slanderous […]