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Maine Republicans Approve New Platform


There isn’t much in this world less likely to excite me than a political party’s platform.  They are – by and large – utterly devoid of meaning, entirely symbolic, and invisible to the public at large.  In short, people don’t care about them, and especially so with me. That all changed, of course, a year […]

Thibodeau and Farnham Offer Voters Ultimate Veto Power in Key Maine Senate Races

Two elected officials that most personify liberal tax and spend policies in Augusta are State Rep. John Piotti (D, Unity) and State Senator Joe Perry (D, Bangor). Both men are in competitive State Senate races against viable, well-liked opponents- Rep. Mike Thibodeau (R, Winterport) and Nichi Farnham (R, Bangor). Voters of Waldo and Penobscot counties […]