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All Eyes On Kevin Raye


Among the worst kept secrets in Maine politics today is that Kevin Raye is running for Congress again, in a ten year anniversary re-match with Mike Michaud. I’ve heard no end of confirmations from members of Raye’s own staff, members of Congressman Michaud’s staff, Republican activists and leaders, and just about anyone who I ask. […]

Is Michaud Conducting Push Polling Against Levesque?

Is Mike Michaud a little worried about Jason Levesque? I suppose when you read constant analysis that predicts a massive wave that could pick off upwards of 70 House seats for the Republicans, including a high number of “out of nowhere” seats that “no one expected to see a Democrat lose”, you have reason to […]

An Interview With Jason Levesque

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Congressional candidate Jason Levesque who is currently running against Congressman Mike Michaud in Maine’s 2nd District. He was in town, and stopped by the new digs over here, giving us the chance to talk briefly. My time with him was short, but we had […]

Is It Time For Some Candidates To Change Horses?

I have heard the same thing repeated in Republican circles for a few months now, but the cries have been getting louder lately. “You mean to tell me that we can find seven solid candidates to run for Governor, but we can’t find anyone to run against Chellie Pingree?”  The same phrase is repeated for […]

Jean Hay Bright Responds: “I have to decide if it is worth my time and effort”

Following up on my initial story, speculating that former Democrat challenger to Olympia Snowe Jean Hay Bright may enter the race for Maine’s 2nd congressional district, this afternoon I received a response to my original inquiry from Hay Bright. In her extremely thoughtful response, she expressed to me her thought process about everything – ranging […]

Will Mike Michaud Face A Challenge From The Left?

This morning, I got wind of an interesting rumor that would immediately shake up the race in Maine’s second congressional district. Keep in mind, this is only a rumor at this point – but I am hearing some buzz that former Democratic candidate for United States Senate in 2006, Jean Hay Bright, is potentially considering […]

Will Mike Michaud Run For Governor?

That seems to be the big question that people are asking now that the dust has settled from the 2008 campaign – just how much does Mike Michaud like being in Congress, and does he have the interest to make a legitimate run for the Blaine House in 2010? It seems that every once and […]

Mike Michaud Defeats Frary

And now for something completely different – or perhaps, not. The upstart and highly unorthadox campaign of former professor John Frary never really gained much traction in the second district. The district of Margaret Chase Smith, Bill Cohen and Olympia Snow is not the same Republican stronghold it once was – Michaud appears to have […]