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The Future of the Maine Senate

In late October of 2010, Emily Cain was very likely dreaming of a big gavel, and being called “Madam Speaker”.  With the retirement of Hannah Pingree, there were of course several people in line to replace her as Democratic leader, and thus House Speaker.  But the early money was on Cain, and she likely knew […]

Charter Schools Come To Maine


Not a cure for the pox on education in Maine and in the country, but certainly a step in the right direction. Thanks to the talents of our former editor Derek Viger, Pine Tree Politics has covered the issue of charter schools at some length.  But now, thanks to the legislature and a signature from […]

The Death Of The Democratic Bench (At Least For Now)

Two of the happiest people in the state of Maine today might just be Hannah Pingree and Rosa Scarcelli. Oh, sure – their political party just got devastated state wide (except for in the congressional races), but something very important just happened with the victories of Republicans, well, everywhere.  All of their (serious) potential competition […]

As The Dust Settles

As three in the morning flickers across my screen, we have seen enough to make some very rudimentary judgments about what has happened in Maine politics this night.  I will try to clarify what we know as of right now, since there seems to be a lot of confusion. Currently, 529 of the 596 precincts […]

Thibodeau and Farnham Offer Voters Ultimate Veto Power in Key Maine Senate Races

Two elected officials that most personify liberal tax and spend policies in Augusta are State Rep. John Piotti (D, Unity) and State Senator Joe Perry (D, Bangor). Both men are in competitive State Senate races against viable, well-liked opponents- Rep. Mike Thibodeau (R, Winterport) and Nichi Farnham (R, Bangor). Voters of Waldo and Penobscot counties […]

Hey Maine Lawmakers: Maybe, Just Maybe, It Is Time To Update Your Digital Presence

Ladies and gentlemen, take a journey with me into the Hot Tub Time Machine and step back to 1996.  Or 1998.  Some time in the late 1990s – it doesn’t really matter. You see, that is the era that the Maine legislature‘s website seemingly belongs in.  Worse (dramatically so) is the Maine House‘s site.  Even […]

BREAKING: Lisa Marraché Abandons Leadership Election, Own Campaign

I have received word this evening that Assistant Majority Leader Lisa Marraché, one of the Maine Senate’s leading Democrats and a candidate for the next election for Senate President (assuming the Democrats retain control of the body) is dropping out of the leaders race and in addition is not running for re-election this term. My […]

Senators Who Voted Differently On Marriage Than Their District

One of the more interesting things to examine about Maine’s recent fight over same sex marriage is the cohesion of the people of a particular district (in this case, we will be examining the 35 Senate districts) to the vote of the elected representatives of those districts. In other words, identifying which lawmakers voted differently […]

Maine GOP Senate Recruitment Squabbles

Last week I got wind of some disgruntled people, unhappy over the way that the Maine Senate Republicans were conducting their recruitment for the 2010 Maine Senate races. The charge was that Senator Kevin Raye was pursuing a strategy of recruiting moderate candidates in as many races as possible – even in districts that likely […]

Tax Reform On The Democratic Agenda

You hear “tax reform”, you typically think “Republican”.  You can’t be blamed for that, of course, it has been one of the core GOP messaging models for decades, both nationally and in the state of Maine.  But this year Democratic leaders in the legislature are making a push for tax reform this session. But, before […]