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The Future of the Maine Senate

In late October of 2010, Emily Cain was very likely dreaming of a big gavel, and being called “Madam Speaker”.  With the retirement of Hannah Pingree, there were of course several people in line to replace her as Democratic leader, and thus House Speaker.  But the early money was on Cain, and she likely knew […]

Republicans Pick House Majority Leader

After choosing Bob Nutting as Speaker of the House, Maine Republicans also selected the House Majority Leader and Assistant Majority Leader.  Rep. Philip Curtis of Madison beat out Rep. Kathleen Chase of Wells for Majority Leader.  Rep. Andre Cushing of Hampden, who also ran for Speaker, received the nod for Assistant Majority Leader over Rep. […]

And The New Speaker of the House Is…

We’ve just received word that Robert Nutting will be the new speaker of Maine’s House of Representatives.  Nutting beat out four challengers for the position.  A Republican has not served as Maine’s Speaker of the House in roughly thirty years.  Richard Hewes (R-Cape Elizabeth) ended his term as Speaker in 1974. Reps. Andre Cushing of […]