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Mea Culpa: Primary Election Edition

Here is something you do not hear every day, especially from political analysts. I was wrong. I am also more than happy to admit it.  I spent the better part of a year doubting and discounting the strength and potential of the Paul LePage for Governor candidacy, and this past Tuesday, supporters of the Mayor […]

A Pause to Discuss the Primaries

We now know the gubernatorial lineup for this November; Libby Mitchell (D), Paul LePage (R), Eliot Cutler (I), Shawn Moody (I), and Kevin Scott (I).  Though the general is in its infancy, it is a good time to explore some of the prevailing opinions that have come out of last night’s results. 

An Early Look At The Primary Maps

I did some quick charting of the candidate’s performance in the counties of Maine. For the Republican field, the various colors of red signify counties carried by LePage.  Light red is a county he won by less than ten percent, mid colored red counties are ones he won by more than ten percent but less […]

Paul LePage With Early, Potentially Unstoppable Strength

Early returns as reported by the Portland Press Herald show early strength by Paul LePage across the entire state. It is looking like I am likely to owe Jason Savage a steak. Incredible. LePage, Paul – (2,733) 35% Otten, Les – (1,492) 19% Abbott, Steve – (1,044) 13% Mills, Peter – 991 (13%) Beardsley, Bill […]

The Morning Of The Election: Steve Abbott

I will be traveling around the state today to share some of what the campaigns are doing in the final hours of the primary.  My first stop today was with Steve Abbott here in Bangor.  He has been at the Civic Center since 8 this morning (and is still there after I left).  Here are […]

We’re Finally Here: What To Expect Today At The Polls

In the past week or two, the state of the race has become a little bit more clear.  The muddled field is still muddled, and there are still a dozen different potential outcomes today, but at least now we seem to have learned a few things.  In short, we at least know what to expect. […]

Primary Final Thoughts

I woke up this morning and almost pinched myself.  Is it really the day before the primaries?  Is this almost over?  Well half over anyway.  Yes we’ve been discussing this campaign for what seems like forever.  Now tomorrow it’s time to vote.  All the campaigning, all the debating, all the back and forth comes down […]