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The 2014 gubernatorial race has begun

One of the most common complaints about U.S. presidential elections is that with every cycle the madness begins earlier. Each time, candidates announce sooner, run never-ending, perpetual campaigns, and the American people don’t get much of a break. In Maine, this trend appears to be happening for our gubernatorial elections because, almost two years ahead […]

What do Democrats have against hospitals?

As Washington grapples with the impending doom of sequestration, a farcical crisis so absurd that I can’t even bring myself to write about it, the state of Maine is facing its own fiscal problems. In Washington, the budget is a disaster because Washington believes that reductions in the growth of spending are somehow unreasonable cuts […]

Who will be the real spoiler in the Maine governor’s race?

Democratic firm Public Policy Polling came out with a survey this week that showed Gov. Paul LePage winning a three-way match-up against independent Eliot Cutler and every Democrat tested. The same survey showed that when running alone against just a Democrat, LePage was running behind and would face a steep path to re-election. The howling from Democrats […]

Maine’s taxing tax problem

I received my first paycheck of the new year this week. Did you? Notice anything? My wife certainly did. Roughly $100 that had previously been in my paycheck was now missing. That money was probably going to buy groceries but had mysteriously vanished. I say mysteriously because we were told by the president during his […]

Cliff notes: The ugly but necessary path to governing

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: The “deal” to avert the so-called fiscal cliff is an embarrassingly bad piece of legislation. Historically awful, really. Just horrendous. But I would have voted for it. Governing is not about voting only for things you support and voting against things you don’t. We might wish […]