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The problem with our special little, millennial snowflakes

Some day, every impetuous, idealistic, rebellious young person will grow old. When he does, inevitably there will come a moment when he will sit in his rocking chair, look around, and start complaining about “kids these days,” just as his parents’ and grandparents’ generations had once complained about his. It’s simply how life works. When […]

Question 1 won’t serve everyday people

In an editorial published Wednesday, the Bangor Daily News called for the passage of Question 1, saying that passing the referendum will “keep politics the domain of everyday people.” Giving politicians tens of thousands of dollars in hard-earned, taxpayer money and requiring virtually no effort to get it gives power to “everyday people” in politics? […]

Scott Walker wants to end federal unions. It’s about time we talk about this

His campaign for president has thus far been a train wreck, but I’m certainly with Gov. Scott Walker on his most recent proposal. Walker is renewing the fight that made him a presidential contender in the first place: labor reform. The Walker proposal is unique in that it is bold, aggressive, and takes on the […]