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With executive order on guns, Obama builds on the imperial presidency

It seems that some remedial civics is in order. This week, President Barack Obama, after weeping on television, signed several executive orders intended to, in his words, “address the problem of gun violence in this country.” Most liberals cheered the stroke of Obama’s pen. Finally, they said, the president was going to break the gridlock […]

Dear candidate: You can’t just be the opposite of what I don’t want


Dear candidate, I understand you are interested in my vote for both the 2016 presidential primary and — assuming you get past that first hurdle — the general election. Thank you for your interest. We have received a number of other applications and will review them all with great interest. Please be aware that while […]

Portland housing, a crisis of our own making

New Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling isn’t even sworn into office yet, and is already setting up a task force to try to solve the Portland housing crisis. Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a committee or a blue ribbon commission tasked with “solving” a big problem. Invariably the “solution” will involve some major government […]

Voting against your self-interest?

It is always funny listening to self-described progressives try to rationally comprehend how anyone could possibly not agree with them politically. They are truly flabbergasted at the prospect that their worldview is not shared. Indeed, I’ve always believed that to be liberal is to believe that after long, thoughtful deliberation, you have arrived at some […]

The problem with our special little, millennial snowflakes

Some day, every impetuous, idealistic, rebellious young person will grow old. When he does, inevitably there will come a moment when he will sit in his rocking chair, look around, and start complaining about “kids these days,” just as his parents’ and grandparents’ generations had once complained about his. It’s simply how life works. When […]