Welcome Back

Have you missed us? Pine Tree Politics has been a valuable source for Maine political commentary for awhile now and its absence has had a noticeable effect on many who depended upon it for regular updates on the happenings in Augusta. I am happy to announce that I will be taking on the role of running the day to day operations of the website, including content and administration.

For those who do not know who I am or where I come from. I live in southern Maine with my family and I became active in Maine politics in 2008, quickly getting volunteered and swept up to perform functions ranging from town chair to county vice chair. I worked closely with Dean Scontras on the Republican Project, spending many nights traveling to different parts of the state to move the Republican agenda forward. When Dean decided to run for Congress I was honored to be asked to play an integral role within the campaign as the volunteer coordinator. My experiences working as part of the Scontras’ team gave me a valuable perspective on the realities of politics and the difficulties faced in a US House race. These experiences coupled with a desire to be home with my family more often make me a great option for returning Pine Tree Politics to regular updates.

I am confident that my background will provide you with a unique perspective on Maine politics. You can expect me to be as critical of Republicans as I will be of Democrats and Independents. I welcome your debate and I am positive you will disagree with me on more than one occasion. Thank you for coming back to Pine Tree Politics and I look forward to bringing back your source for objective and entertaining Maine political commentary.